The new year means new fashion trends. The runways and the Fashion Weeks throughout the world have already set the tone of what will be trendy and fashionable during the entire 2020. Last year has seen some forgotten prints, patterns, and designs that come as a big refresher of the well-known styles and silhouettes. This year, some of those are continuing to rule the fashion department, stronger, updated and modified to fit in the daily looks of the fashion lovers. Here are some of the top fashion trends for the entire 2020:

Polka dots

One of the prints that will define 2020 and is expected to be very present on the streets is the polka dots. This feminine and retro print were not very popular or present in the last year on the fashion market. Maybe it was because it was not redeveloped and modified to suit the fashion needs of the modern woman, however, this year, it is hitting the fashion scene with above-average looks, color combinations, and sizes.


Leather, faux-leather and all similar options are predicted to be the fabric of the year. The clean and classic look of the shiny leather will be present on everything from trenches to accessories. Both the leather and the faux-leather come in many color options which allow more variety and playfulness in the looks and trying something new rather than the known and basic leather choices.

Peplum style

Peplum style has not very popular and present on the fashion scene in the last few years. This unique and interesting cut provides signature look pieces. The flared or gathered fabric, that might look like a big horizontal ruffle, is positioned somewhere on the waist. It is a very convenient choice for different body types, especially to those who would like to accent or hide the abdominal area. The peplum style can come on both tops and dresses which is truly a refresher to the classical lines.

Shine and shimmer

2020 is the beginning of a new decade, and with that, the fashion industry turned the everyday silhouettes into celebrating and party looks. These involve shine, shimmer, glitter, sequins, foil colors and everything that elevates the outfit from basic to party-elegant. Day and night, with just the right piece or accessory, any classic look will instantly become a trendy and sparkly outfit.

Although these are just some of the trends for 2020, they are a good start for those looking to make a fashion change and incorporate the new trends in their styling and outfits.