Christian Dior is one of the most coveted fashion brands. The famous Parisian fashion house can be seen at many high profile events, on the runway for many seasons, and has a strong cult following. Christian Dior has been a household name for decades and continues to do so in the latest edition of its ensembles. With all of this power behind it, does it mean that Christian Dior is as good as it once was?

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the designer Christian Dior continues to do well in the marketplace. But it isn’t until you dig into the archives of the brand and start reading the notes that these were really created by Christian Dior. These are some pieces from the brand’s archives that you might not have ever seen before.

Sometimes a brand that is known for high end brands will turn to the archives for inspiration. They might recall a product or an event, or just their favorite memory or anecdote. When they use the archives as a source of inspiration, it is a rare treat. But then again, when they do it, it can be quite fun.

For example, the brand Christian Dior had was going after celebrities and high profile events as a way to showcase the high quality of their brand. As a result, the line is impeccably tailored and exquisitely designed. Also as a bonus, they have celebrity models wearing the clothing. No less impressive, they have also managed to incorporate the actual designers in the lines that you see at these events.

The archives have also been a key component for the very best of Christian Dior. For example, when they introduced the line, the first collections were limited editions. They made a promise of only having one pair for the occasion and only a few.

The archives was the place to look for the favorite of the company and the piece that the consumer loved the most. There are hundreds of pieces from different periods from the brand’s archives that are now sold at the same stores where the dresses would have been available.

The archives have also been a source of inspiration for the designers in the brand and have been a key ingredient in Christian Dior’s success over the years. When they use the archives to create their collections, they have always been there to help them achieve greatness. They have never run out of ideas.